Talent Search

As part of our Recruitment Co-sourcing, Ayadi Human Resources Consultancy matches job seekers to job vacancies based on the job requirements, budget, and talent availability in the market. As experienced HR consultants, the Ayadi HRC team advises clients if and when changes need to be made to either the job descriptions or salary ranges in comparison to the market.


We are able to hire the most suitable candidates using two key performance indicators:


  • 1.Efficiency:    Locating the most suitable candidate within the shortest period of time possible (timeline to be determined per position)
  • 2.Suitability:

. Screening level – Candidate’s skills match the client’s minimum skill requirements
. Interviewing level – Candidate’s objectives, behavior, and values match the client’s corporate culture


Our Talent Search specializes in just some of the following industries:


  • Nationalization/ Emiratization
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil, Architectural Engineering & Construction related jobs
  • Human Resources management and administration
  • Business, Sales, Marketing, management and administration
  • Knowledge & Information technology engineering and administration
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance, accounting & auditing management and administration
  • Interior Design
  • Merchandising, Procurement & purchasing
  • Media Advertising & Communication